Brookfield Township

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Cemetery Pricing and Regulations


  1. No Parking or driving on grass. All vehicles must stay on roadways.
  2. Sod and clippings are not permitted in trash barrels
  3. Spring cleanup is the week before Easter. Fall cleanup is from October 15 thru October 22. Plastic flowers, wreaths and potted plants are only permitted from May 15 thru October 15. These arrangements will also be permitted one week before and one week after the following holidays: Christmas, Motherís day and Easter.
  4. Planting of trees, bushes and perennial flowers are not permitted on gravesites and will be removed without prior notification.
  5. Decorative stones, gravel, and lucky stones will not be permitted on gravesites. All decorations must be within 8 inches of the monument on the burial side of the monument, including eternal candles.
  6. The Brookfield Township Board of Trustees shall not be responsible for missing or damaged plants, vases urns, statues, lights, wreaths, etc. The Brookfield Township Board of Trustees shall not be responsible for missing or damaged plants, vases urns, statues, lights, wreaths, etc.


  1. All monuments, statues, grave markers, etc. shall have prior written approval before placement.
  2. Monuments must be made of permanent material such as : Granite, Marble, Bronze or other approved material.
  3. All monuments shall have a minimum 30 inch concrete foundation using approved concrete. Upright monuments shall have a 4 inch border. Flush monuments shall be the same size as the monument. Monuments Shall Not be placed without a concrete foundation.
  4. Effective immediately benches will not be permitted on gravesites.
  5. Foundation companies or individuals installing foundations must be registered in writing with the Brookfield Township Cemetery Department.

• • • • • •

Brookfield Township reserves the right to remove
any items considered unsightly or in violation of stated
rules. Prior notification of family is not required.
For the general welfare of all, any infraction of the
above stated rules may result in legal action being
taken by the Board of Trustees.

Burial Notification Policy

  • Burial arrangements shall be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the burial. Leaving a message on the answering machine Will Not be considered proper notification.
  • All grave purchases and opening/closing costs will be paid prior to or at the time of burial. There will be no exception to this policy.
  • A Burial Permit is required at the time of burial and a copy of the Death Certificate will be required within two weeks after burial.
  • Internments or cremation burials are not permitted without proper notification of Cemetery Sexton.
  • All internments and cremations in Brookfield Township Cemeteries must be in an approved liner.
  • Only the following burial combinations will be permitted on each grave:
    • one internment.
    • one internment and one cremation.
    • one internment and one infant burial
    • two cremations
    • two infant burials

Normal Business Hours

Monday-Friday 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Grave Prices

$600.00 Resident
$1200.00 Non-Resident


$ 600.00 Mon.-Fri. (Internment)
$ 800.00 Sat. (Internment)
$ 400.00 Mon.-Fri. (Cremation)
$ 600.00 Sat. (Cremation)
$ 200.00 Mon.-Fri. (Infant not to exceed 36 inches)
$ 400.00 Sat. (Infant)
$1200.00 Disinternment
$1800.00 Reinternment
$ 25.00 Foundation layout fee (By appointment only)

CONTACT: Jamie Fredenburg, Cemetery Sexton
          774 State Route 7 NE
          Brookfield, Ohio 44403
          Road Dept. Office (330) 448-6941