Brookfield Township

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Living in Brookfield

Here is an overview of the different recognized areas or neighborhoods in Brookfield Township.


Masury is a distinct area of Brookfield Township that is in the East area of Brookfield Township. Masury stands out as it has its own Zip Code. Masury is inclusive to Brookfield Township, same government, police, fire, EMS, and school system.

Brookfield Center

Brookfield Center is at the junction of State Route 7 and Warren-Sharon Rd. What makes the center distinct is the Township Green with its park-like setting and Gazebo.

Valley View

Valley View is a neighborhood off of Warren-Sharon Rd. named for the Valley View complex in front of it. Valley View was first a department store for many years. It is now an Antique Mall and Flea Market complex. The Valley View neighborhood is adjacent to the main commercial areas of the Township.

Brookwood Estates

Brookwood Estates is a neighborhood near State Route 82 and Bedford Rd. The Brookwood area begins with professional offices then goes into an area of single family homes, condominiums, and an apartment complex. This is one of the newer housing areas of the Township.

Stevenson Heights

Stevenson Heights is a neighborhood off of Bedford Rd. near US Route 62. It is a small area of single family homes and three apartment complexes.

West Hill

The West Hill area is actually in the easternmost area of the Township. It is called the "West" Hill because it is on the western border Sharon, Pennsylvania. Residents of Sharon refer to it as that so the name has been adopted in Brookfield Township also. The West Hill is a large area of mostly single family homes. That area experienced large growth in the earlier part of the 1900's and is one of the most densely populated areas of Brookfield Township.

SE Masury

SE Masury borders Hubbard Township to the south and is mostly single family homes built in the 40's and 50's. SE Masury is adjacent to the densely industrialized area of Brookfield Township.

Outlying Areas

Encompassing the largest share of land area of Brookfield, these areas are large lots mainly of single family homes. These are the areas of working family farms and some of the larger individual business complexes in the Township.